• Watch Tales of the Wild West Episode 8 Now

    A long lasting friendship between America’s most beloved writer Mark Twain and famous businessman Henry “Hell Hound” Rogers begins when Twain is kidnapped by greedy Cattle Baron Carl Dollarhide. Watch the story in Episode 8 of Tales of the Wild West, now streaming on Amazon Prime. 

  • Tales of the Wild West

    Watch All Tales of the Wild West Episodes on Amazon

    Tales of the Wild West tell the colorful and exciting tales of outlaws, gunslingers, cattle rustlers, lawmen, baseball players and ladies of the evening that made the old west so wild. Watch the first four episodes on Amazon Prime.

  • Bill Tilghman & The Outlaws Now In Pre-Production!

    Our newest project is a light-hearted western about what happens when a movie company comes to a small Oklahoma town in the early 1900s to make a motion picture about a bank robbery, but with real lawmen and outlaws. Watch the pre-production trailer, check-out the pitch book, and learn more about this exciting project!