Episode 7 of Tales of the Wild West Now Available!

Western screen actor Johnny Crawford, who rose to stardom in the western series The Riffeman, shares highlights from his acting and music career and talks about his role in the upcoming film, Bill Tilghman & The Outlaws. Watch the exclusive interview, now streaming on Amazon Prime.

The Blackmer Family: A Hollywood Legacy

Meet Sid Blackmer, the new host of several episodes of Tales of The Wild West. Sid comes from the famous hollywood Blackmer family. His father, Sidney Blackmer, starred in such classic films as Little Caesar, Duel in The… Read More

Mark Twain meets Hell Hound Rogers

Mark Twain Meets Hell Hound Rogers

Mark Twain and Henry Huttleston Rogers were the best of friends for the better part of 16 years.  Episode 8 of Tales of the Wild West reveals why. Coming soon!