Tales of the Wild West

Tales of The Wild West, is a docudrama anthology series, exploring the facts and myths of legendary characters of the old west. These colorful and exciting tales are of the outlaws, gunslingers, cattle rustlers, lawmen, baseball players and soiled doves that made the old west so wild.


Gunfight at Osage Station1. Gunfight at Osage Station

The tale of Billy The Kid wannabe Caleb Bateman, an outlaw and notorious cattle rustler and the shootout that lead to his death.



The Day the Aces Got Trumped2. The Day the Aces Got Trumped

It’s 1895 and a barnstorming baseball team comes to the little town of Singletree, Montana and all hell breaks loose.
(Also available on DVD!)



The Singletree Montana Bank Raid3. The Singletree Montana Bank Raid

A notorious outlaw gang tries to rob the bank in Singletree, Montana. (Also available on DVD!)



The Cussons Caper4. The Cussons Caper

“Colonel” John Cussons, an entrepreneur traveling through towns to organize bare-knuckle fisticuffs for money, leads his grandest effort to become The Nation’s Greatest Showman.


Special Features & Behind the Scenes5. Special Edition & Behind the Scenes

Special edition episode, filled with behind the scenes footage, outtakes, stories and songs from the good folks at One-Eyed Horse Productions.


Bass Reeves and the Brunter Brothers6. Bass Reeves and the Brunter Brothers

U.S. Deputy Marshal Bass Reeves and lawman Wyatt Earp set out to find the notorious outlaw gang The Brunter Brothers.


7. Johnny Crawford

Western screen actor Johnny Crawford, who rose to stardom playing Mark McCain on the popular ABC western series The Rifleman, gives an exclusive new interview to talk about his acting & music career and his role in the new western feature film Bill Tilghman and The Outlaws.


8. Mark Twain and Hell Hound Rogers

A long lasting friendship between America’s most beloved writer, Mark Twain, and famous businessman Henry “Hell Hound” Rogers begins when Twain is kidnapped by greedy Cattle Baron Carl Dollarhide.


Behind the Scenes of Tales of the Wild West

The Blackmer Family: A Hollywood Legacy

Mark Redfield interviews Sid Blackmer, a host for Tales of the Wild West, and a member of the famous Hollywood Blackmer family.