Day of the Gun: Behind the Scenes

See the work that went on behind the scenes during the shooting of Day of the Gun.

Q & A with Wayne Shipley

Get an inside look at the ideas behind Day of the Gun with Writer and Director Wayne Shipley. Read more. 



Alternate Mortician Scene

Published November 2015

Making of The Visual Effects

Guest Post by Craig Herron, Visual Effects Supervisor | September 2016

I was the visual effects supervisor on this western shot in Maryland. Our plan was to replace backgrounds with video and still plates shot by 2nd unit Sydney Resel in Montana. The movie was shot over two years at a western town set that I designed and was built on the Director Wayne Shipley’s farm. Two time Oscar nominee Eric Roberts was our star and was featured in the final third of the movie. Eric was mostly shot at the farm and on green screen and composited on matte paintings of the dangerous Eagle’s Nest mountain. Day of The Gun has been shown in select theaters from Maryland to Texas and is distributed by Monarch Home Entertainment.

The StuntMen of Day of the Gun

Published May 2012

On Set with The Weapons Master

Published June 2012