Michael Moore

Music Supervisor

After a career in the Music and Movie industry (Distribution/Sales/Production) plus a career as a DJ (Radio and Nightclub), Michael quietly left the entertainment business…but not for long.  Feeling the need to be involved in a creative process once again, he started working as a background actor for films and TV shows, scoring a featured background shot in the first season of House Of Cards.  Upon learning that a film was being shot literally up the street from his home, he sought out the production of Day Of The Gun and worked as a background actor on the film.  Since the set was so close to his house, he was soon helping to build the set and getting to know the people who make up the core of One-Eyed Horse Productions. “It was a great experience.  All of the talented people involved in the production of the film were unbelievably great to work with”.  Michael worked as a Production Assistant for the project and eventually became a Co-Producer of the film.  Because of his experience in the music business, he was also designated as the film’s Music Supervisor and, due to the strong response of movie-going audiences to the original score by Lucas Lechowski, produced the film’s soundtrack CD, sold at screenings, on-line and through Amazon.  With the latest OEH production, Bill Tilghman & The Outlaws in production, Michael continues to enjoy working in various capacities on projects by OEH Productions.