Singletree Montana Bank Raid DVD

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Singletree, Montana, 1890. Bank President Hamilton Chaney has just opened a brand new bank in the little cattle and mining town of Singletree. A prosperous spring has left his vault chock full of cash. On this glorious Friday afternoon, Jesus Miguel Sanchez and his sons, far from home, ride into town under the pretense of making a deposit before heading north to pick up horses. Sheriff McKenna and a very protective mule named “Gracie” step in when the Sanchez gang decides instead to make a withdrawal.

Narrated by Lee Doll
Hosted by John Gray
Commentators: Brian Dragonuk, Leanna Chamish, and Steve Foster

Bonus Features
  • “Day of the Gun” Trailer 3 & 4
  • “The Day the Aces Got Trumped” Trailer
  • Excerpt from “Gunfight At Osage Station”
  • “One-Eyed Horse” Trailer
  • The Stuntmen of “Day of the Gun”

Runtime: 2 hours, 18 minutes | Not Rated. Recommended for ages 13 and up.