Day of the Gun Original Soundtrack

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Composed & Performed by: Lucas Lechowski




Track Listings:
  1. Day Of The Gun Main Title
  2. This Little Nowhere Town
  3. Singletree March*
  4. Baseball Game
  5. A Challenge?
  6. Maggie’s Cave
  7. Nightmare
  8. Cy and Kate
  9. Maggie and Katherine
  10. Singletree
  11. Bateman Gives His terms
  12. Bar Fight
  13. The Fence Has Been Cut
  14. Shootout At Osage Station
  15. Big Sky / Cyrus’ Fight For His Life
  16. Cy Clears The Air
  17. Ned Comes Home
  18. The Funeral
  19. Abraham & Maggie
  20. By The Campfire
  21. To Eagle’s Nest
  22. Eagle’s Nest
  23. Leaving Singletree / It was A Hell Of A Time
  24. Bloodshot Moon (performed by Mike Rogers)
  25. Justice Will Be Done (By & By) (performed by The Walker Avenue Gang)
  26. Montana (performed by Dave Stamey)
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Original score composed and performed by Lucas Lechowski. Recording produced and mixed by Lucas Lechowski.

*Composed by Randy Neilson and Paul Deafenbaugh. Performed by the Singletree Marching Band.

Soundtrack produced by Michael Moore for One-Eyed Horse productions. Mastered by Bill Pratt at Bratt Sudios, Baltimore, MD

© 2014 One-Eyed Horse Productions. All rights reserved.